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  • ~250g

Ario by Lang YARNS, special offer!

Product number: LY974

66% Virgin Wool, 29% Nylon, 5% Viscose, ~150m/50g

RRP 6,95 €
9,60 €/100g
Weight: 50GRAMM
EAN: 7611862217913
Item No.: 974.0068
Available (1) 2-4 days Then sold out!
UVP 6,95€* 4,80 € * 9,60 € / 100g

The name describes it perfectly. The yarn ARIO appears soft as air. The lightness and volume is astonishing. A high quality combination of fibres, extra fine merino wool, viscose and knitted nylon to give it structure, allows you to create ultra-light knitted pieces.

What are dye lots:
On the labels of the ball of yarn can be found in addition to the color number, a second, usually stamped number, the lot number.
Since there may be slight color differences in each new coloring, get all balls of a coloring this additional number. Using this number, you can identify all balls from one coloring.

How do we handle it:
So that no color difference arises, we supply all balls of one color in a single dye lot. Unfortunately, it may happen that although enough balls are available, they can not be delivered from one dye lot. We will order this color immediately and ship your order as soon as enough balls from one Lot number are available.
In the online shop different lots can not be displayed.

Residual product (marked with a ^) is no longer available from the manufacturer. If one of these yarns we can only deliver in different dye lots, we will contact you by email, and check with you if we can deliver the desired quantity in different dye lots.

To order something afterward:
If you order for an unfinished piece of knitting balls, you can give us the used lot number.
Use the message box at the end of the ordering process (on the page where you enter your address).
When you write that you want to have if possible the dye lot number, we'll send you unsolicited, another when the desired dye lot can not be delivered.
If you really wanted to have the given dye lot and this can not be delivered, we will inform you.

Our tip:
Different dye lots can be designed to work normally in cuffs. Sleeves that are sewn on, can be knitted also from another dye lot. By the seam and the other knitting direction a small difference does not occur.
If you must use different dye lots in a knit fabric, knit with two balls from different dye lots alternately 2 rows. Lift the second thread on the edge just over the two as the last knitted rows. After you sew the edges you can't see anything about it.


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